Ingenious create new brand for Y Homes

Ingenious were recently appointed to conduct a rebrand of Y Homes, an innovative estate agent based in York. The aims of the exercise was to firstly to mark their 10th anniversary but also to reflect the evolution of the business and propel it towards the next phase of growth and development.

Of the three creative options presented, the preferred route was considered the most revolutionary and was seen as the perfect way to signpost the next stage of the clients’ development, whilst retaining a visual link to their previous brand. The new ‘Y’ icon works perfectly in either portrait, landscape or square orientations, either independently or as part of a lockup. The triangle element of the identity has been used as part of the extended visual language and can be seen on the 'for sale' boards and business cards.

Y Homes For Sale Board.jpg
Ingenious have been great to work with from start to finish. They “got” who we are, where we have come from and where we want to be as a company going forward.
BrandingPaul Hartley