Update: July / August 2018

After a busy summer, we’re bursting to reveal some new work, but a couple of long awaited projects just aren’t quite ready yet. However, here’s a couple of projects we’ve been working on recently that are now complete. Both design for print, both education clients, but both very different pieces of work…

Alliance MBS Postgraduate Welcome Guide

This piece is produced annually to help the limited number of PGR students familiarise themselves with their new surroundings at the University of Manchester. In years past, the guide has been an A5 wire bound format, and the client felt it appeared too ‘disposable’ and perhaps lacked the impact it required. They found students would routinely put it to one side and then ask questions that the guide answered, so it was clear it was not being referred to during the all-important induction period.

Our solution was to change the format - a bespoke finished size and ‘paper over board’ covers gives the guide much more weight (literally!) and impact. The piece is finished off nicely with brushed aluminium screws that hold the drilled covers and inner section together. Use of throwout pages for timetables and such adds a further dimension to the overall impact of the guide.

We’d just like to say how fantastic the guides look in print – we were absolutely delighted with the final result – thank you again!

The Waconian 2018 for Cheadle Hulme School

We are proud to have been associated with CHS for some considerable time, with our first work for them dating back to 2011. You can see a broad range of work for this most fantastic of schools throughout our website, most notably ‘The Waconian’, the School’s “yearbook”.

What is a Waconian, you say? Ah, well…

A Waconian is the name given to a past / current pupil of Cheadle Hulme School, and is derived from the original name of the School (Manchester District School for orphans of Warehousemen and Clerks). So now you know…

The content of The Waconian is entirely generated by the student population of CHS. It is effectively the ‘highlights’ of the academic year, showcasing the students’ own thoughts on their activities, trips, work and so on. The publication showcases their creative and academic work, their co-curricular activities and their work with the local community, and in doing so, perfectly reflects the School’s ethos of educating the whole person. 

As we say, we have been delighted to design and produce this piece every year since 2011, and as you can see from the photos below, it’s evolved over the years, both inside and out. The piece is typically c140pp, perfect bound with a cover printed on tactile uncoated stock. It’s been a tradition to feature a student’s piece of art on the cover and the impact of this piece has with parents and students alike is a constant source of pride to all associated with it.

I never fail to be amazed by what Ingenious do with the pieces and pictures that I send them. They are very easy to work with and extremely generous with their time. They are a joy to work with.
Paul Hartley