Pause for thought….

Ours is such a fast-paced industry (even in Macclesfield) that we’re all often quite rightly looking forward and preoccupied with the next project, briefing or pitch. But when we had to put a credentials document together recently, we had an excuse to go back through the archives and reminisce.

Like most agencies, we have credentials presentations and so on sat on servers ready to go. However, the particular opportunity we were responding to was for the museum / visitor attraction sector, with a requirement to demonstrate a particular type of work. So whilst we had some stuff to hand, we were able to spend a very pleasurable morning diving into the archives and opening up old artwork to create our credentials submission.

With an archive stretching back to 2006, wit as quite an eye opener! For example, we ended up looking at the first exhibition design we did (in 2007) for Imperial War Museum North (Life & Freedom, all about Indian Independence, in case you ever saw it!) plus some other long forgotten projects. We managed to put forward what we think was a strong portfolio, so hopefully, our trip down memory lane will prove useful as well as enjoyable.

It also made us think about what a body of work we’ve got in certain sectors, this being one of them. As we said earlier, we’re often so busy dealing with the here and now that we don’t showcase our work (or update our blog) as often as we should. So, enthused by our efforts this week, we’ve been sketching out the format for a series of new interactive PDF brochures, one for each of our specialisms, to add to our Issuu account. We’ll let you know when they go up, but don’t make us put a deadline on it. We’re busy, you see…

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