That was our week, that was #16

First things first. There’s been another birthday here at Ingenious this week, namely Louise who celebrated her big day by promptly booking the day off. No cakes, no treats, nothing. Cheers then…In fairness moving house probably had something to do with it, but even so, poor show really 😉 Still, Lou’s birthday was as good as excuse as any for a bit of design based retail therapy. Cue a nice box of pantone related items appearing…

Mugs, pads and pencils. All stuff we like...

Speaking of age, (well we kind of were) last night our glorious leader went off to Manchester Photographic to relive his youth, and listen to a talk by Kevin Cummins and Peter Hook, and see Kevin’s exhibition of Joy Division photographs. Once again, retail was involved, with a wonderful book making an appearance in the studio this morning, signed no less. He also got his “we’re not really here” signed, as of course Paul and Mr Cummins share a love of Man City.

Great band, great club, great photographer. Manchester, so much to answer for...

Back on the work front, we’ve had a few great meetings recently, all leading to new work for Ingenious. We’re going to be working on branding projects for a Community Arts organisation and also a Commercial Property developer, and also some wonderful new pieces of design, both digital and print, for Cheadle Hulme School. Since being appointed by CHS in mid 2011, we’ve spent the first six months of our relationship refining and implementing our brand refresh and rolling out some wonderful pieces of work, some of which you can see below. The focus for the next six months is to move things forward, both strategically and creatively. We’re fortunate indeed that we’ve a client that trusts us and allows us to be custodians of such a renowned brand, and it’s a challenge we continue to relish.

A selection of CHS print work

As ever, we’ve got a diverse spread of ongoing work, but two projects in particular stand out. Both museum installations, but of very different types and for clients old and new – Imperial War Museum North and Manchester Jewish Museum.

The IWM project is all about creating a brand and environment in which a specially commissioned piece of film will be displayed. The MJM piece aims to engage with children and teach them all about different items of Jewish religious clothing. As we type, the MJM install will have begun, so we’ll be able to show some shots of that next time, whereas the IWM project is in the very early stages, and will see us work on it throughout 2012 at both IWM North and IWM London. So lots to get on with!

Closer to home, but just as close to our hearts, we’ve been working hard with the good people from Macclesfield Barnaby Festival, and following a meeting last week have all but signed off on the look and feel of the 2012 event. Again, we’ll be putting visuals of this work up as soon as we’re able. The initial roll-out will be around the end of March, so you’ll be able to see a sneak preview here soon!

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