Agency Update: February 2018

Well, slightly later than is ideal, here’s our agency update for February. We did get the email out on time, though! We’re pleased to be able to carry on our busy start to the year with further new project announcements below, which as you can see, have something of an ‘education’ slant to them. We’re also thrilled to be able to show updates on some of the work we mentioned last month, for example the 2018 Macclesfield Barnaby Festival and the “Portraits of Port Sunlight” exhibition, both of which launched recently.

First off, our long standing relationship with Alliance Manchester Business School. AMBS have kicked off their exhibition programme for 2018 and as ever, Ingenious are more than happy to get the show on the road. We are thrilled to have worked with the Executive Education function at AMBS since 2010, and during that time have worked hard to immerse ourselves in their work and what can on occasions be quite a complex ‘offer’. As a result, we have been able to deliver a range of print, digital and, as you can see here, exhibition work for this most interesting of clients. Long may it continue!

Another education client we have worked with extensively is adult education establishment, Wilmslow Guild. Since 2012 we have been supporting their senior leadership team as they move the Guild in a new and exciting direction. Our work has included design of their annual prospectus, and more importantly their website has been a key part of this process, and we’re thrilled that we’ve made a contribution in seeing the Guild go from strength to strength.

Since its introduction, the website (in conjunction with our fantastic development partners) has been continually updated and refined to offer a first class user experience and also provide WG’s team with powerful reporting which integrates with their financial systems. For 2018-19, we’re thrilled to be able to not only continue developing the site further, but also designing an entirely new Prospectus which, as well as continuing to communicate the diversity of courses and events the Guild have to offer, will work much harder as a marketing tool. We can’t wait to get started!

Following last month’s announcement that we are once again working with the Barnaby Festival, February saw the launch of the 2018 Festival. We’ve come up with a new look and feel for this, the latest edition of the festival. This teaser postcard was handed out at the monthly Treacle Market, with the full creative reveal to follow during the course of March. Watch this space…

Portraits of Port Sunlight is an exhibition of images by local photographer Pete Carr and for which we were happy to design the interpretation and supporting graphics. Sadly, due to Macclesfield being snowbound recently (!) we were unable to attend the opening, but will feature the work at a later date.

Pete was commissioned to document modern life in the village 130 years after its foundation, and the result is a series of intimate portraits of Port Sunlight residents at home. The exhibition also includes objects from Port Sunlight’s many clubs and societies, and recent work from their arts and crafts workshop programme. As you can see below, the exhibition was also featured in our quarterly Port Sunlight Gazette.

There’s a lot going on in our studio just now, but as ever we’re always keen to work with clients old and new, so if you have a particular project coming up you think might be suitable for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’d be great to hear from you!

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Agency Update: January 2018

New Year, new start. And so, the (almost) annual commitment to do this sort of thing better is made. No more “have you published the blog?” questions as the lights are turned off and the pub beckons. Oh, no. We’re doing it properly. For January, at least…

Therefore, welcome to our first agency update of 2018. It’s been a hectic start to the year for Ingenious, as can see from the stories below. We’re thrilled to have been appointed by clients old and new to deliver a diverse range of creative projects, all of which and more we will feature in our regular updates over the coming year. We hope you enjoy reading about them!

Moat Brae
First off, we’ve been appointed by the historic Moat Brae in Dumfries. Moat Brae was designed by local architect Walter Newall in 1823 for local solicitor Robert Threshie. At one time it was known as ‘Number One Dumfries‘ and had been a significant property in the town, both as a private residence and as a private hospital/nursing home. The house and gardens were also credited by J.M. Barrie as inspiration for his legendary story, ‘Peter Pan’.

The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust are now restoring the structure and fabric of the Georgian building, securing its future as a major asset for the local community, whilst establishing a national centre that will celebrate children’s literature and storytelling across all time and all cultures. The trust also intend to reinvent the garden as J.M. Barrie’s Neverland, his ‘enchanted land’ where the playing of childhood games so inspired him.

Ingenious will be responsible for delivering the brand identity and visual language for the house, gardens and centre for children’s literature. Given the diverse Moat Brae ‘offer’, which is as much about the future of children’s literature as it is about preserving a national landmark, the work needs to be flexible enough to develop in parallel with the Trust and their work on Moat Brae. We’re thrilled that our initial creative routes have been so well received and we look forward to showing the work here as it develops.

Macclesfield Barnaby Festival
We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve been selected by our Macclesfield neighbours the Barnaby Festival to deliver creative direction and marketing collateral for the 2018 edition of the festival. Barnaby has become an incredibly popular and diverse arts and cultural festival, which takes place over ten days every two years in June. The biennial celebration is inspired by Macclesfield’s rich history, heritage and culture, and ‘Pop Up’ events also take place outside of festival season as part of a broader outreach programme. The appointment rekindles a relationship that saw Ingenious delivery the 2012, 2013 and 2014 creative work, some of which you can see below. We’re delighted to be asked to once again work on such an inspiring opportunity and can’t wait to get our ideas out in the open!

Port Sunlight Village Trust
We’re thrilled to be asked to work on a new exhibition project for long-standing client Port Sunlight Village Trust. The Trust are custodians of Port Sunlight on the Wirral, and was built in 1888 by William Hesketh Lever for his Sunlight soap factory workers. This appointment follows on from our ‘Jenkins Cotton Davies’ photography exhibition of 2016 and complements projects such as the quarterly Port Sunlight Gazette, which is distributed to all residents of the village.

Meridian Mobility Technology
We were thrilled to be asked to work with a really interesting new technology company recently. Meridian Mobility Technology brings together government, academia, innovators and developers of intelligent mobility solutions in a collaborative partnership. We’ve enjoyed working with the team to help promote the UK’s leading role in future technology, one which we’ve had previous experience of, and which complements the work we do in the automotive sector. See them on twitter @meridianmob 

Vodafone Automotive
Speaking of Automotive, we’re once again working with long-standing client Vodafone Automotive to implement the recent Vodafone global brand update. Our work is encompassing all automotive-based marketing communications, as well as the internal office environments at their two sites in the North West of England. Ingenious have worked with Cobra UK, the forerunner of Vodafone Automotive, since 2007 and as the images below show, we were also responsible for designing, implementing and project managing the migration from Cobra to Vodafone branding when the business was first acquired in 2015. You can see more​ on our website.

We’re fortunate that we have got a great understanding of the automotive industry and of course the client’s core business, and we’re always thrilled and flattered when clients of the standing of Vodafone come back to us time and again. We’re excited by the opportunities going forward and can’t wait to see the revised print work in circulation, and new graphics on the walls of the offices!


Andrew Smith Consulting
Ingenious have recently delivered a new brand identity for Andrew Smith Consulting, a new company established by long-time client and good friend of the agency, Andrew Smith. ASC will be operating in the fast moving automotive and automotive technology space, where Andrew has gained first class experience working at senior levels for global automotive manufacturers,tier one suppliers and telecos. We look forward to helping the new business grow and supporting ASC with creative input over the coming months.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with feedback or comment on the contents of this email, it’s always good to hear from you. And needless to say, (but we’ll say it anyway!) if there’s a project you’re considering putting out to pitch, please do get in touch, we’d love to work with you…

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2006 and all that…

2006. Seems like only yesterday. But oh, how things were different. I had no email on my phone and Man City had yet to start ruining football for everyone by winning things. It was also the year we plunged headlong into running a business. And so Ingenious was born.

In a relentlessly forward-thinking industry such as ours it feels a bit self-indulgent to make too much of simply reaching a landmark ‘birthday’, but equally we can’t let the occasion pass without giving it a very brief mention.

Sadly, due to a break in during which some drives were stolen from our first Manchester office, very few photos of those early days exist, (probably just as well!) but there’s more than a few of our more recent times in Macclesfield. We plan to do something with these later in the year, so watch this space. However, going back through the work server we grabbed our first mailer, featuring work for Kids Allowed and Aston University, which is pictured below carrying our very first corporate identity. Ah, takes me back…

As has been said many times before, we’re fortunate indeed to have worked with a great range of clients these last ten years, many of whom were willing to give a startup agency a chance based on little more than a mailer and a phone call. Happily, many of those clients remain with us today, which should hopefully prove that we’ve done something right! To all clients, suppliers and staff past and present, again there’s too many to individually thank here but they know who they are. But thank you.

Right, back to it, there’s new work to be done. Oh, and here’s to the next ten years…


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2015 in review

As we cruise towards the end of another year, we thought it was a good idea to look back at some of the work we’ve done in 2015 and look forward to what we’ll be doing in 2016…

The year began with a call from one of our long-standing clients, Cobra Vehicle Security, who having recently become Vodafone Automotive, needed us to manage the transition to their new brand identity, not least the design and installation of branding and graphics at their two new premises. They and we were thrilled with the results, some images of which you can see below and a case study document for which you can view here.

Continuing the automotive industry theme, we began working with The Advanced Propulsion Centre at around the same time. The APC exist to “position the UK as a global centre of excellence for low carbon propulsion development and production” and as a consequence we get to see lots of cool new technologies in development. Our work for them is set to continue into 2016 and includes further development of their brand manual, including a range of sub brands for the various technology areas they support.

Speaking of brands, a couple of standout brand development projects we’ve worked on this year are The Herb Society and Building Validation Solutions. Two more disparate subjects you would be hard-pressed to find, and proof if proof were needed that variety is indeed the spice of agency life! Further brand development work was rolled out for our friends at Macclesfield Museums and also Museums of Cheshire, with projects for all these clients continuing into 2016.

Yet another client had a name change this year, when Manchester Business School became Alliance MBS. As many will know, our work for the lovely team at AMBS’s Executive Education continues apace, with a range of new brochures and an updated exhibition stand the key projects delivered in 2015. The education theme continued as our website build project for Wilmslow Guild went live this year. A great showcase project for both us and our development partners, this bespoke build features powerful e-commerce and backend reporting solutions, positioning the site at the centre of the Guild’s business. We’re thrilled with the result and are bringing further developments to the site early in 2016. Big thanks go to WG’s principal, Paul Riordan, who has entrusted to us this important aspect of behind bringing this long-standing institution right up to date. Lastly on the education front, we also redesigned Cheadle Hulme School’s ‘Waconian’ yearbook for their ever-lovely editor and English teacher, Judith Shand.

In the middle of this year, Port Sunlight Village Trust approached us. PSVT are responsible for preserving and promoting the model village of Port Sunlight, created by William Hesketh Lever for his Sunlight soap factory workers in 1888. We worked with them on a number of projects and have recently been asked to design and install a new temporary exhibition in their museum. The exhibition, which will feature the life and work of three photographers based in the village, will open in March 2016. A great piece of work to come back to!

Coupled with all our other work in progress, we’re looking forward to another interesting and diverse year in 2016. Of course, thanks go to all our clients, not just those mentioned above, for all their support and trust in our abilities.

We look forward to working with you all next year.

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Another pitching blog post!

Pitching / tendering is a pretty central theme in most agency blogs. People like to read them. Don’t they? Anyway, here’s another one based on our experiences.

As we thunder towards our tenth year in business, we’ve gained a fairly diverse set of experiences when it comes to pitching and tendering. As you might imagine, our early days were full of bright-eyed, youthful exuberance (not to mention the sheer terror of trying to earn a living!) when we hurled ourselves at any available opportunity. Here are a few ‘highlights’…

We went through a phase of doing a huge number of tenders, which as you may know involve a huge amount of paperwork and admin. Nevertheless, we applied ourselves to the task and sure enough, we were appointed to no less than three agency rosters around 2008-09. “This could be great!” we trilled over a post-work celebratory beer or two. Weeks passed. Silence. Hmmm. Needless to say, we’re still waiting for a brief. From any of them.

One memorable pitch involved a ‘prestigious brand in the automotive industry’. We were invited to present ideas for two briefs and after a really positive meeting and all the right comments from the client contact, we were poised to start work. Again, silence fell. We subsequently found out the day of the pitch was their last day and the project, as far as the client was concerned, was on hold. We presume it still is. Cheers…

The author’s personal favorite, however, involves a visitor attraction project. We’d got through the first credentials stage and were invited in to present our ideas “in an informal meeting”. On arrival we were ushered through the historic, opulent surroundings through plush carpeted, oak paneled, chandelier lit corridors to the meeting location. The priceless antique door creaked open to reveal approximately a dozen suited and booted people peering expectantly at us. Informal, you say? Perhaps we should have brought our butler and chauffeur in with us to even things up…

Moving on from the ‘Carry on Graphic Designing’ theme, we’ve pitched in some unusual / memorable locations too. Such as…

1) The boardroom of a Premier League Football Club
2) A private jet on a flight to Germany
3) The back of a race truck at a very wet and windy Oulton Park

These three all resulted in a win, just in case you were wondering if we’d ever won any work, ever… 😉

Over time, as we gained experience and with a guiding hand here and there (you know who you are) we tempered our enthusiasm and became more selective (and less desperate!). Today, we analyse every potential opportunity based on the following;

a) Is it a good fit for us, creatively and in terms of industry sector?
b) We’re not just making up the numbers, are we?
c) Can we work with the individuals involved?
d) Commercially, does it add up?

Happily, we manage to answer yes to all of these in the majority of cases. We’re also much more comfortable in declining an opportunity as well, and to be confident in explaining why. For the most part, the potential clients we come into contact with these days – certainly in comparison to maybe five years ago – have a greater awareness of the amount of work involved in pitching. Is that an industry wide thing? Or just the type of companies / sectors we have been operating in? We’re not too sure. Additionally, in the last few years we’ve actually taken part in some (well, two) paid pitches, another indication of the client company recognising the effort and cost a pitch takes an agency.

That awareness and understanding leads to a greater degree of mutual respect between agency and client, and in our experience at least, leads to a longer, more mutually beneficial working relationship. Which can only be a good thing.


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Pause for thought….

Ours is such a fast-paced industry (even in Macclesfield) that we’re all often quite rightly looking forward and preoccupied with the next project, briefing or pitch. But when we had to put a credentials document together recently, we had an excuse to go back through the archives and reminisce.

Like most agencies, we have credentials presentations and so on sat on servers ready to go. However, the particular opportunity we were responding to was for the museum / visitor attraction sector, with a requirement to demonstrate a particular type of work. So whilst we had some stuff to hand, we were able to spend a very pleasurable morning diving into the archives and opening up old artwork to create our credentials submission.

With an archive stretching back to 2006, wit as quite an eye opener! For example, we ended up looking at the first exhibition design we did (in 2007) for Imperial War Museum North (Life & Freedom, all about Indian Independence, in case you ever saw it!) plus some other long forgotten projects. We managed to put forward what we think was a strong portfolio, so hopefully, our trip down memory lane will prove useful as well as enjoyable.

It also made us think about what a body of work we’ve got in certain sectors, this being one of them. As we said earlier, we’re often so busy dealing with the here and now that we don’t showcase our work (or update our blog) as often as we should. So, enthused by our efforts this week, we’ve been sketching out the format for a series of new interactive PDF brochures, one for each of our specialisms, to add to our Issuu account. We’ll let you know when they go up, but don’t make us put a deadline on it. We’re busy, you see…

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Life in a Northern Town…

During the course of the last few weeks we’ve come into contact with a few of our creative industry neighbours here Macclesfield. It’s made us all warm and fuzzy about the quality of the people and work going on in our home town.

It’s an oft-repeated fact, but around 10 years ago the fine town of Macclesfield was highlighted as ‘a cultural desert’. This seems scarcely credible now, given the emergence of wonderful initiatives such as Treacle Market and of course the Barnaby Festival, which we’ve been proud to work on for two consecutive years in 2012-13. Furthermore, Macclesfield is home to some fantastic independent bars, cafés, shops and other businesses, all of which demonstrate a wonderful level of creative quality in what they do and how they do it.

From a creative industry point of view we’re also spoilt, with agencies of all sizes in and around the town. From the Northern outposts of global groups through to independents of all sizes, a great bunch of freelancers, plus a range of photographers, illustrators and so on, the creative industry is well represented here in “Macc”.

So it’s inevitable, perhaps, that occasionally we all chase the same business, or end up working for the same client. Whilst we’re well used to collaborating with various other organisations for the good of our clients further afield, we’ve noticed, shall we say, a little ‘creative tension’ in meetings and so on.  And guess what, occasionally some ‘North / South’ preconceptions, even in this day and age, as if the entire creative industry disappears once you get past the North bank of the Thames. But that’s a whole other blog…

Back on topic, we’ve been working for a client here in the town that asked us to get involved with another of their creative partners to deliver a project. So we did. And it was such a pleasure to get round the table and see us all work together to collectively delight our client with what we came up with. Call it Maxonian spirit, Northern pragmatism, or just plain old common sense, but when mixed with the creative ability living and working in our town, it made a potentially tricky project a genuine pleasure to work on. Don’t know why we were pleasantly surprised, but we were.

And that’s it, really. No great conclusion or message to impart, only that we’re proud to be based where we are and pleased to see there’s creativity pouring out of the town in the work others do. And long may it continue.

Now, time to sample one of those bars we mentioned earlier…

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For the love of it…

In a week where poor old Yaya Touré felt his club wasn’t appreciating him, we offer our thoughts on how agencies and clients rub along together. We’re glad for his sake Yaya doesn’t work in this industry…

Much was made this week of Man City midfielder Yaya Touré and his assertion (well, his agent’s assertion) that he didn’t feel sufficiently appreciated by his employers. The story quickly descended into farce (even by City’s standards) with deleted contradictory tweets, mentions of players receiving Bugatti supercars and our Yaya not even getting a cake. Even though he did.

Putting all that to one side, what was mentioned was the fact that in comparison to the other top players at City, he apparently felt undervalued, even mentioning that his image wasn’t used in their marketing as much as the likes of David Silva, Sergio Agüero, Joe Hart, et al.  Sensitive souls, these footballers…

It’s easy to say ‘for that kind of money every week, why would you care?’ And, yes, Mr. Touré is no doubt very well rewarded financially for his midfield exploits, but putting the fact he’s a well paid footballer to one side, if that’s how he feels, then who are we to say ‘just get on with it?’. The way it was communicated, via a combination of Twitter and a slightly manic Russian agent on Sky Sports, could perhaps have been handled a bit better, but that’s a subject for another blog…

Let’s apply the same scenario to our industry. It can be very easy for clients to (unwittingly) upset or disappoint creative types by daring to comment on the beautiful piece of work they’ve worked on late into the previous night. Using the analogy above, a client could argue they are paying for the work, so why should the designer care if they change it? But, like Yaya and his football, as designers, we are very emotionally invested in the work we do.

We quickly (if we’ve got any sense) grow a thicker skin, learn to filter out the less relevant observations and basically not take it personally. It’s always a good thing to remember that when we design we’re being paid to create something for someone, not creating something for ourselves that we hope someone will pay for.

Away from the studio, client services go through similar challenges. Our intrepid ‘suits’ are faced with an inbox of assorted ‘can you just?’ type requests – send these images there, put this logo in that format and send it to them – you know the sort of thing. Again, it’s part of the industry and we do it as it’s what we’re there for. Until we allow for it on a quote…

Here at Ingenious, we are fortunate indeed to work with a great bunch of clients. And no, we’re not just saying that! The overwhelming majority appreciates and understands the lengths we go to on their behalf. Equally, we try to underpromise, overdeliver, and do it with a smile. It’s an approach that seems to work, and we like to think we have a good working relationship with them all. Occasionally, inevitably, things go less well, but unlike Yaya, we don’t take to Twitter to have a moan! Instead, those instances are quickly discussed and resolved, which again is testament to the strength of those working relationships we have worked so hard to build.

In conclusion, we think it’s nice to have a bit of client ‘love’ now and again (does that sound a bit wrong???) but nobody should expect it. After all, it’s first and foremost a business relationship.

Oh, and in the unlikely event Yaya Touré is reading this blog, and fancies a change of career, we’ll give you a placement. We’ll put a picture of you on the wall, we promise not to forget your birthday (it’s the same date as our MD’s son) and you can have whatever cake you like. No guarantee you’d get in our five-a-side team though. Some things you have to earn…

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Presentation skills…

As an agency that regularly presents a mixture of work, it’s always interesting to get feedback from clients in terms of not just what we presented, but how we presented it…

As many of you will know, our staple work is design for print, digital and exhibitions. Every time we present a project, we take time to consider how best to showcase the work and ideas we’re presenting. Even in this digital age we tend to include the majority of our ideas on printed boards, and where appropriate, produce (normally) lovely hand crafted mockups. These tactile pieces are more often than not supported by an on-screen presentation.

Perhaps it’s the age of the author (no jokes) but there’s something really nice in showing a client exactly what you’re proposing, rather than just a set of visuals on screen. It seems to go down well with those we present to, as well. In fact recently we were surprised to learn on winning a pitch we were the only agency of several that produced anything other than an on-screen presentation. Furthermore, our A3 landscape pitch documents are often commented on, as they also contain credentials and case studies as well as the project in question. We do this just in case the ‘decision maker’ hasn’t been present at the pitch (it does happen!) and can see the full picture from the leave behind document.

We’re spoilt in the sense that we’ve got some great print kit in the studio and can create back to back spreads and all the rest of it, but even so, we think it’s the best way to show the little details of design and typography than may not show up on screen, especially not on a projector.

Of course, it depends on the occasion. We probably do tend to ‘go to town’ a bit on major pitches, but for example, when last week we had a nice little informal catch up with old clients in new roles, we just flipped through some images of recent work on an iPad over coffee. Horses for courses, we suppose.

Recently, we’ve just been helping a client put together an initial proposal, the first stage of repitching for their largest client. We were able to bring some of our thinking to how they should go about it and it was nice to hear that the recipient commented positively on the standard of the resulting document.

So, the next time we’re burning the midnight oil, with the printer churning away, scalpels and spray-mount all over the place, we can comfort ourselves that, most of the time at least, it’s well received and therefore well worth it.

It’d be interesting to hear others’ views on pitches they’ve delivered or received. What stuck in your mind? Good or bad? Let us know…


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The value of design

The Design Council recently published a report that provides strong evidence of the importance of design to business. Virgin and Barclays were just two of the businesses featured, but both are brands that you might well expect to be in there. Will there ever be a time when everyone thinks the same way? We can only hope. And what to do if not? Here are our thoughts…

With any body of clients, there are those that understand, appreciate and value the power of good design. They’re the listeners. And on the other side of the divide, there are some that, errr, choose to take the lead, let’s say. Over the years, we’ve had our fair share of both!

We’re sure most creative agencies will feel they deliver their best work when given a decent brief and the space to get on with it.  We’d certainly agree with that. Being shown comparator work, or just some examples of influence “we really liked this”, etc is part of a good brief and a client that can identify what they want.

Where things can and do go awry is when the client basically wants to design the piece him or herself, and becomes very prescriptive about what they want. Often with little, or no, understanding of the basic rules of design and layout.

It doesn’t make sense to pick a fight with a client over every little thing. But we’ve all got creative sensibilities. We’ve all sat in meetings and thought “why on earth do you want us to do THAT?!” And of course, we’d be the first to admit some creative people don’t take perceived criticism too well…

So how to take all this on board and arrive at a project that works creatively, is in line with the objectives in the brief, in keeping with the clients’ brand values, and is one that the client still feels they’ve had an active part in delivering.

When we do one, we’ll let you know… 😉

We’re joking. The working relationship is the key. It’s really down to the agency to educate the client and work with them, explaining why a particular idea isn’t right or whatever. If a request takes no account of the bigger picture of brand strategy, the agency should put the project in context and explain where it sits in the overall direction. It’s all too easy to throw hands up in the air and tut (we’re designers, remember) but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

If you can’t find common ground or the client won’t listen (or maybe doesn’t trust your judgment) then consider whether the working relationship is one that you should allow to continue. Look at the value of the work and subtract the heartache and pain required to get it done, and take a view. It’s always hard to resign clients, but sometimes these things just happen and what looked initially like a promising opportunity can quickly turn out to be a bad fit for both parties.

But lets not end on a sour note! In our experience, when we challenge a client request and back it up with the necessary background information, they almost always listen and it always ends up right in the end. Honestly. No, it does, really…

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